Home Remodeling Kingwood TX – Home for The Holidays

It may not seem like it yet, but Christmas and the New Year are right around the corner! Time to plan especially if considering a Home remodeling Kingwood TX Project! The holidays are a time when your family gets together, and there is nothing more gratifying than being able to host your whole family for this special time. But is your home ugly and dated? Do you need home remodeling in Kingwood, TX? Read on.

Sometimes we get so used to seeing our own homes, we become blind to its faults. We don’t see the tired looking kitchen walls or the appliances that have seen better days. But if you try to look at it as though you were a stranger to the home, are there things that need to be freshened or entirely remodeled? I bet there are but, take heart. There’s still time to have a home remodel done by the time company shows up on your doorstep with their bags.

Home Remodeling Kingwood TX – The Kitchen… Everyone Always Lands In The Kitchen

Home remodeling Kingwood TX finished kitchenLet’s start in the kitchen. When you look around, do you feel good about it? Or are you embarrassed to have guests over? There are some new trends in kitchen remodeling that you might find exciting enough to make you want to begin now! Cabinets with front and back glass are very popular and are a nice change from what has been the traditional closed cabinets.

Speaking of cabinets, the color trend for cabinets is moving away from white and toward a soft gray. However, if you still prefer the white, the way to make it work is by contrasting with black granite counter-tops and accents. Don’t forget to bring some warmth in with a light, rustic looking hardwood floor.

Natural Light Is In

The newest, chicest new trends are even more exciting: the use of natural light and tile in warm earth tones and soft, muted color palettes like pales blues, muted greens, and pastel yellows are trending right now, along with lighter wood floors. The bold blues and reds of a couple years ago and dark wood kitchen floors are definitely out.

Appliance Choices Best Place To Start

Stainless steel appliances are not the first choice anymore; refrigerators with UV resistant glass doors are the newest thing and they will keep your groceries cool, even in direct sunlight, while adding a sleek new look to your kitchen. Add a skylight or two to brighten your kitchen up even more. This kitchen remodel is all about making it light and bright and easy.

Home Remodeling Kingwood TX – The Bathroom

New remodel BathroomThe kitchen is for everyone to enjoy during the holidays, but now how about a gift just for you from, you guessed it, you? Aren’t you tired of using that dingy bathroom with the tile that never seems to come clean? You know you deserve a new master bathroom, an oasis from your hectic life you can call all your own, a place in which to both prepare yourself before your day and afterward unwind. Home remodeling in Kingwood, TX is the perfect gift for not only yourself, but your family too.

The trends in bathrooms have some similarities to the trends in kitchens: open and airy with lots of natural light via windows and skylights. Iridescent glass tiles in and around the shower and bath are stunning and add to the illusion of transparency. Subway tiles in white or neutral colors are very hot right now for showers; they have an effortless look, but are still durable and, of course, water resistant.

And while you are having your floor replaced, don’t forego heated floors. You know how you wake up in the night to use the bathroom in the but you hesitate because you know how cold that floor is going to be? Never again. Even in Kingwood, Texas, the temperature gets down to about forty degrees, sometimes lower, on those dark nights in January and February. You will never regret having a heated bathroom floor and it will be a major selling point if you ever decide to sell.

Don’t Forget The Bedroom

Holiday remodeled bedroom in Kingwood TXSome people prefer a soothing, Zen-like atmosphere in their master bathroom but, to some, the height of luxury may be relaxing in a spa tub while watching television on a big screen, installed right above the tub. If this is something you would enjoy, discuss it with your home improvement contractor before the home remodel. He or she will certainly be able to make that work for you. The key here is to figure out what it is you want and let your contractor make it happen. If you are not sure what you want in a home remodel—even after reading this guide—your contractor will be able to help you out, showing you all your options and being able to advise you. After all, this is your home remodeling Kingwood TX present to yourself and it should be perfect. Happy holidays!